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Christmas Travel Stories

Ever thought about spending Christmas abroad? We got you covered! Spending Christmas away from home may become a lifetime experience you will always remember. That is what happened to our happy travelers, who kindly agreed to share their thoughts with you! There are plenty of chances you can spend your Christmas with your loved ones. Follow the best tips on how to make your next Christmas unforgettable!

Have Yourself A Very Polish Christmas
Winter Poland Landskape Poland is a land rich with culture and age-old traditions, of which the Polish are proud of. Polish customs are both beautiful and meaningful, and they are still holding on to up to this very day. During Christmas time especially, many of these traditions are still practiced at large. Find out more
In Search Of Santa
Finland Lapland Landskape Wanting to give my son a magical memory he would remember forever, I booked a day trip to Lapland to see the real Father Christmas in his natural habitat. I have to confess I was not relishing the prospect of a three and a half hour flight with an excited five-year-old but the time actually (forgive the pun) flew past. Find out more
Christmas Traditions in Germany
Neuschwanstein Castle Germany Winter Legend has it that in Germany on Christmas Eve the rivers turn to wine, the animals speak, mountains split open to reveal precious gems, and church bells can be heard ringing from the bottom of the sea. Unfortunately, only the pure of heart can see these magical happenings. Find out more
A Winter Holiday In Ireland
Ireland Sea Winter When the ancient Romans went on their conquering sprees about the Continent, they managed to make it as far as England and Wales but decided to give Ireland a miss. The name they gave that westernmost island says it all: Hibernia, land of cold winters. Find out more