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Malaga Overview

Malaga Cathedral

Malaga (Emphasis on the first letter a) - is the picturesque and lively city-capital of the Costa del Sol Marbella, Andalusia, Spain. Malaga leisure itinerary is filled with beautiful flowers, palm trees, fountains of all sorts and types, custom shops and wineries.

The city spends a lot of time preserving the flora and fauna, so here you can see a collection of more than 500 representatives of the flora and fauna of the sea (in the famous maritime museum of Aula del Mar). The local Botanical Garden is also worth noting because here you can find a shocking amount of plants from around the world. Of course, Malaga tour is also famous for delicious Mediterranean cuisine: fried fish of all varieties, the freshest mollusks, exquisite oysters, and juicy shrimps!

Malaga travel route suggests visiting legendary places of all times: the adorned with gold Bishop's Palace, Malaga's Santa Maria Cathedral, Alcazaba's Fortress, Giralfaro Hill, Plaza de Toros, Romanian Theatre, Picasso's Museum, Car Museum and much more... Here you can walk along the beautiful seaside boulevards bathed in a caressing sun. If walking everywhere is not your style, you can always take a bus trip or carriage ride.

Fond of family leisure? Park "Palm Surprise" will cordially open its doors to you and give a gentle shadow.

Interested in the History of Religion? The Church of St. John the Baptist in Malaga was built in after the establishment of Christian authority in the 15th century - worth your time, venerable believer.

Fond of interesting and vivid collections? The Botanical Garden of La Concepcion will offer a detailed information board with a detailed story about every plant possible.

In Malaga, you will find entertainment and attractions for every taste.

"And what about the sea and beaches?" you may ask. Sea is gorgeous in its cleanliness and transparency, while dozens of beaches allow you to relax on a royal scale. Beaches are sandy and well-equipped with all the amenities: sun loungers, parasols, children's play areas, bins, showers, toilets, medical facilities, rescue towers. And yes - there are also beach cafes and restaurants everywhere. Many beaches smoothly flow into each other in such a way that it is not immediately clear where one beach ends and another begins. There are even two beaches for your pets. In any case - you will be delighted for sure!