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Italian city of Rome

Rome colosseum

If you want to receive as versatile experience as possible from visiting just one city - Rome is definitely the right choice for you!

It is truly an eternal city with every pebble ready to share with you thousands of years old stories about emperors, painters, poets or politicians.

Start your Rome tour from visiting the gorgeous Pantheon - originally a pagan temple of the Roman gods, with a pillar of light going down the hole in the dome that make you believe any, and there are dozens of, magical legend about this place. Then join the fantastic excursion to Palatine Hill - another historical and cultural monument one needs to see with his own eyes! Since it is here, according to the myth, the future founder of Rome, Romulus, was raised by a she-wolf, and where the active history of Rome began as early as 1000 BC.

One more enticing place to visit during the Rome travel is the Roman Forum - a grand complex, which witnessed thousands of sacrifices, elections, trials? Here is the history of Rome as it was! One can spend all day walking along temples, columns, arches and gardens there!

Of course, it would be a real crime not to visit the unique independent city of Vatican! The panoramic view of Rome from the Basilica of St Peter will help you see the endearing grandeur of this city! And the Sistine Chapel, the official residence of the pope, will make you gaze for hours in admiration and excitement at the works of the best Italian artists!

But Rome is not only about rich history! You will never run out of amazing discoveries there. Turn right from the beaten tourist track and here you are, in a romantic garden with tiny balconies and baroque fountains! Or see this small arch to the left? It hides enticing sculptures outside almost every building. And if you are willing to feel again the atmosphere of vibrant streets? Welcome to Campo de Fiori, one of the most famous markets in Rome, filled with all sorts of foods, fruits and an incredible smell of fresh pastry and Italian pizza!

And certainly, include in your Rome itinerary a night tour! All the lighting of the Colosseum and the fountains will make you experience a different side of Rome's charm - mysterious and magical.